Time marches on

In the continuing series of odd textbook and other educational matter, Time and Beyond:


Other than being published by Allyn and Bacon with a copyright of 1978, I cannot find anything on this online. Was it about learning to tell time? Time management? Time itself? New Math? Time may tell, if anyone has the time to find out and put it online, or takes the time to comment.

I will not make any more “time” jokes, since the indisputed king of them is Cliff Johnson of “3 in Three” fame. I will ask: Why is there a hole in the center of the clock face, where the stems of the hands would go? Why is the stem of the pocketwatch off centered? Shouldn’t it be divided in half? For that matter, shouldn’t the number 12 at the top?

I would like to know – seriously – what the “beyond” referenced by the title is.


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