How to troll your students!

Are you a grade-school teacher? Want to troll your students?

Why don’t you use…


Filmstrips, cassette tapes, absolutely massive headphones, psychotropic-substance-evoking color swirls and disconcerting hand puppets, by Troll Associates!

Seriously, you couldn’t make this up if you wanted to. Troll. And yes, they knew exactly what it meant back in 1982:


I never heard of trolls as being “funny little dwarves”, the fairy tales about them I heard made them villainous things that ate people or animals that fell foul of them. I suspect the next two definitions are completely made up, or maybe not. The first day of spring and dark dreary days of November do sound like opportune times to “troll” someone, especially by burning their house down.

The last one is a hoot. I doubt any publisher has gotten away with calling their authors trolls in promotional materials before or since.


1 thought on “How to troll your students!

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