Out of order addressing in PeopleClick\PeopleFluent

I was applying for a position to a company that uses PeopleClick for HR software. Here is a screenshot of part of the application, showing the information they wanted about me:


Look closely at that middle block of blue text. It wants, in this order, my:

Address 1
Email address
State or Province
Postal Code

Address 1 evidently means “number and street”, which could be stated less confusingly. Anyway, all of this is reasonable to ask for from an applicant, but consider what it looks like:

123 Main Street
United States

Why did they put the Email address field in the middle of the postal address? No other HR software that I’ve seen or used does this. People naturally are used to entering their mail address in a complete series. Putting Email in after street address is asking for confusion and messed up applications.

I have one fear when I see this: That this is a deliberate trick to try and weed people out. I hate those, especially when they appear in things that should be aboveboard, like HR forms.


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