In the Middle of the Hoard, a more modern “out of place artifact”

First, I know that “out of place artifacts” are not generally accepted by current scholarship. I’m using the term here because it fits my somewhat analogous case.

My grand mothers place is full of every species of matter, including things that I’m sure would be totally foreign to her. Here is something I found intirely by accident:


Now, for someone who never traveled abroad practically and only resided out of her state of birth maybe 1 % of her life and with very similar and homogeneous circle of familiarity, how would a Somalian coin end up buried with coupons from the 1930s? I seriously have no idea.

A note on the coin itself: I like the cut of its jib. Specifically the choice of “food security” in the 21st century. It somehow makes me like the country more for it, for all the trouble and strife it has gone through up to then, and since then. I think that it weighs less than a dollar bill and is made of aluminum, possibly hollow.

A note on the post: I’m tagging this as an InExOb because of the totally peculiar circumstance of its discovery and location, not anything inherent to the coin.

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