A sad artifact of a better time

In riffling through old papers to day I found this green paper card:

(Click to inlarge)

This makes me sigh with disappointment and frustration. While I make mony off of metricating scientific materials, it’s really a waste of energy and materialls. The homework problems and examples in the chapter are no more or less instructive in USCS than in SI (that is, metric). Food doesn’t taste better and lights aren’t brighter in USCS than metric. There is no average reason for USCS besides lazyness.

I sigh to think that, if this had gone through, I would not have to be handling 2.5 different unit systems in my current and future career(s). Instead every textbook and reference work has to have a conversion factor table in the front and/or back to help one engineer talk to another. Some vile authors still publish textbooks that require USCS steam tables.

Someday it will happen. I hope it is during my sentient lifetime.

A side note: Agway was a farm service company that failed in the late 1990s. It use to sell gasolene as well and, if I ever find it, I will feature the most amazzing InExOb ever: A punch card credit card.

A second side note: Someone at Agway must have been Canadian or something. The official metric practice1 in the United States spells it “liters”, not “litres”, which is correctly marked as misspelled in my writing by the spell checker.


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