Update your technical requirements, companies with websites!

ITT owns a number of brands of fluid handling devices like pumps and valves, as well as more complex processes. I’ve been trolling their careers site for a while, looking for positions to apply for. Today, I followed a little link at the bottom of the page that promised information about using PDFs. Here’s what I got:

(Click to inlarge)

So, I should have at least Internet Explorer 3.0, Netscape Navigator or AOL Browser??!

IE 3 shipped with… (Hold on while I check WikipediA1) Windows 95 and was superseded in 1997 by IE 4. Netscape Navigator is long gone from the scene and AOL doesn’t exist anymore. This page hasn’t been updated at least since Firefox, Safari and Chrome have become popular, which would be… (WikipediA again2) at least 2009, but almost certainly earlier.

Finally, I have to ask all web designers, without snark: Are “PDF reader download” pages like this really needed now? From what I understand, every major operating system on PCs and phones includes a native or preinstalled PDF reader.

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