Give yourself more leisure time!

This is the cover of the user’s manual (or as they call it, “instruction book”) for my grand mother’s vacuum cleaner. According to her this brand of vacuum, Kirby, was quite well regarded back when she purchased it. I do not have a date on when that was and there is no copyright date or any sign of a publication date inside this little pamphlet.


I particularly like the police car warning light hat the pictured woman has on.

I’m calling this an InExOb because, well, it’s so long before my time that I really have a hard time with it. I know this was perfectly in line with commercial writing and graphic design at one point in time, but this era’s style has been so parodied, imitated and derived from that it doesn’t look real. Did leisure time really consist of getting dressed up (note the gloves she’s wearing)?

From the inside:


Sparkles! Sparkles everywhere! And a green blob too; is that supposed to be a smashed fly?

This kind of thing has also been parodied to the last degree. A vacuum cleaner that sharpens knives, sprays paint (!), foams up soap and kills moths. I don’t think even a “dremel” tool can do that, in 2015!

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