Swiss Professor Robinson (backstory)

During an idle moment in a college lecture I was attending, a few thoughts came together:

  • The professors’ offices in the building were all modular.
  • The professors’ offices all had one outside wall.
  • The professors’ offices were all parallelepipeds.
  • One of the professors was a rather old hippy type dude.1
  • I had read several versions (including a very interesting one written for, if I remember right, autistic children) of the Swiss Family Robinson.
  • The area around the college was rural-ish. There were forests and swamps within walking distance if you wanted them. Several state forests were within driving distance.

The upshot of this was I had a plot of story generate itself in my mind:

Professor Robinson was in his office when the building’s modular control system was accidentally activated. Previous work had mistakenly attached a high pressure steam line to the (isolated) compressed air line. His office is violently ejected from the side of the building and sent flying through the air for – say – a few kilometers? Anyway, a long distance.

After traveling this distance, the office crashes to earth, some trees and other undergrowth soften the landing so he survives, though the office is predictably a mess. Getting out of his office, he finds himself totally lost and needs to survive with his messed-up office’s contents, his wits\knowledge and the forest surrounding.

Sounded interesting to me, but then again, the lecture was quite boring. I don’t even remember what it was, or the subject matter. I remember it being something that was very simple for me, rather than impossibly complex. At least I know I passed the class.

  1. I only had this professor for one assignment one semester and have nothing against them. 

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