EPSON does a quiet good

Note: I have nothing to do with Epson or the other company and did not get any reward for this post. I edited this post in 2019 to note Windows 10 and fix the links, and in 2020 to mention the new scanner.

I have an old Epson scanner (Perfection 1650) that I have used for ages whenever I needed to “reverse print” a document. On getting a newer, bigger SSD hard drive for my PC I reinstalled Windows 7. Evidently previously I was on x86, because now that I’ve installed x64, my scanner would no longer work!

Repairing to the Epson support site and finding my model I see they do not have an x64 driver and apparently have no plans for one. This is understandable for a device from about 2007 and not sold anymore. What isn’t understandable, from the vulgar cynical viewpoint, is that they openly mention and link to a third party program that DOES support this old model on x64 based Windows 7 [and Windows 10].

This completely surprized me, since the “logical” thing would be to just say “Go buy another Epson here” and make more money. As far as I can tell, the third party is truly a third party and not owned by Epson at all. I wonder if the FAQ writer slipped it in in the way someone behind the counter might say “Unofficially, now…”?

I hope not. I’d like to think Epson knew about this an approved it. I certainly liked it. I followed the link, and used the software. I have no idea if I’ll buy an Epson scanner when this one has to finally be replaced. [I haven’t yet because I trash pickt a better one.]

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