Not just for journalizm!

Some time ago, before the word blog may have even been coined, or at least popularized, Thoughtviper had an old fashioned HTML site with a dayly or weekly listing of nonsense he had pickt up here or there and publicized as being just plain odd or strange. His InExObs1, for “inexplicable objects”, series I propose to honor with my own collection of odd, strange, or unfortunate miscellany.

I found this still in its shrink wrapping:


Leaving aside the odd name, which I suppose is supposed to be read as “gone, [like] so!”, could they have possibly gotten a more shifty looking mascot? Why did they want a Arab or Turk (so I’m guessing) on an overly narrow magical carpet? What does that have to do with sponges or cleaning?

Also, someone did not correctly center align the name! There’s an appreciable (few millimeter) gap between the “W” and the left edge of the insert, while the trademark sign on the right bleeds into the edge.


One thought on “Not just for journalizm!

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