English simplification #1!

I, like about 10 000 other people out there, periodically have ideas about improving the language(s) they speak and write and use. My first one, which I propose to the rest of the English using world is this:

1. Words ending in -y add a letter S to pluralize and an apostrophe and a letter S to make possessive. To make both plural and possessive, add a letter S and then an apostrophe.


My party is fielding a candidate for the mayorship.
My partys are fielding a candidate for the mayorship. The laws allow electoral fusion here.
My party’s platform is trash, all the extremists poisoned it.
My partys’ turnout is always zero, because I never tell anyone I’m throwing a party.

This allows the removal of one of the ten dozen rules for plurals and possessives in English (currently, you have to change -y to -ies for plural, but not for possessives). It is also worth noting that this “rule” is actually the removal of a special case. The new “rule” is the default for English words, and so does not actually have to be specially memorized or learned. In other words:

1′. Words ending in -y form plurals and possessives the default way.

Those who already know English will have to slowly unlearn the rule during the transitory period.

If this were to seriously be taken up by the English speaking world, I have no idea how long that would take. I would love to see this happen, but I know this blog is read by almost noone right now, so I’m not going to pretend it will happen untill someone “big in English” proposes it. I’ll be glad if/when that happens and hopefully not too jealous of their fame. (:

2 thoughts on “English simplification #1!

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