A sore need in Society

To my great annoyance, after the Interface Hall of Shame by Isys disappeared, noone has really attempted to revise it or start their own. This is unfortunate, since many sites and software(s) have a hideous quality about them that makes me want to throw them, and objectively others as well.

Certain software categories are particularly prone to this:

* HR software (talent management and other euphemisms)
* Instrumentation software, that is software that is require to use a particular piece of hardware attacht to the PC.
* Little used parts of large softwares. The Add Font interface in Windows Vista was notorious for this.
* Ported software.
* Software-as-an-afterthought. Example: A company decides to have a little application they can send as an automatic attachment to all their sales-types outgoing Emails as a “virtual business card”. If this sounds like something that should have disappeared with Windows 98, I think you are correct. But these adhoc affairs are the worst little things frequently.
* Software put together by people with no CS/UX experience or knowledge or interest. This is frequently part of the previous category.

I will be populating the category “IHOS” with posts exampling this kind of obnoxiousness. Ofcourse I will attempt to have pixtures, since there’s not much use of a post about interfaces without pictures.

2 thoughts on “A sore need in Society

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