A dirty Trick of Windows 8

I, some time ago, was given a tablet PC (MSI WindPad 110W). I’ve been using it for ages and the screen is crackt up from dropping it enough to show. The only real disappointment with it (other than the small SSD, which is easily upgradeable) are the two webcams on it. Annoyingly they are both grainy and slow to respond when they work.

The default install and Microsoft CoA on the back are for Windows 7 (Home Premium). Since Windows 8 is to me far superiour to Windows 7 for touching, I installed a fresh Windows 8 on it. Initially when I was interested in using the webcames, I found they would point-blank not work @ all. After troubleshooting I ended up with Ubuntu installed as an aside to Windows via WUBI . This let me easily boot into Ubuntu where Cheese had no trouble with them.

After a short time, the annoyancy of booting into the other OS to run the webcame, of transferring the files, and the disk space taken up with the other OS (Essentially a several gigabyte webcam software) lead me to uninstall it and live without any webcames.

Some time later, by total accident, I discovered that you have to enable Location Services or Windows will deny any application’s request to access the webcames, silently. To do this:

* Log into the Windows 8 PC as an administrator
* Open the Control Panel (Not PC Settings)
* In the Search box (upper right corner of the window) type “Location”
* Select “Location Settings”
* Enable “Windows Location Platform”
* Press “Apply”
* Restart your PC to be safe

You may have more success accessing your webcames now, however, they may still take forever to warm up on first access.

Note: I mention two companies and two products in this: I am not in any way benefitting from that.

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